Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Dear Josheen,

You are so cute. I love You!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

I wonder how, I wonder why!

Random Sentences -

If you are working for certain cola makers, your worklife is suppose to be really hectic during extreme summer months, but anyway who is talking about you?

I thank ego of lalit modi and his uncompromising attitude towards making money, to go ahead with IPL and scheduling it during this time of the year, when i am staying in unknown city, where i don't know anyone and having no better pass times in evenings, although i really detest strategic breaks.

I wonder what would be happening to me without those two individuals, without them my stay in this unknown city would have been impossible, also special thanks to graham bell for inventing this certain device.

I would like to believe that my life has gone through major changes during last year which would have made me more mature, brighter, smarter and better equipped to face life challenges. However on deeper analysis nothing drastic happened and i certainly couldn't turn out to be brighter or smarter.

I still feel and believe that 2005 and 08 has to be the best years of my life although 2010 or 11 or 12 has real potential to displace them (no chance for 2009...after such a sedate start)

I believe that friends i made between the years 2001 and 2005 were best of the lot, ok those 4 post grads friends also fall in the same league

I sometimes wonder whether is it possible to remain absolutely single for anyone, and by absolutely single i mean not to have anyone to admire or not having those hidden/unexpressed/expressed feelings for anyone, or not to have anykind of liking for anyone. Even singles have atleast someone with whome they spent more time talking to, sharing of their small dos and ados, betting on IPL matches and so on.

I wonder whats this connection thing between two people is all about, aren't these things are another way of complicating already complicated situations?

I am clueless who should be given higher priority in life, the one who prefers you? or the one whom you prefer?

Any answer guys?

Ps - I am rooting for KXIP again this year in IPL, also rooting for a change in country's governance but not for the third front :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Random Story - 

There is a hard struggle going on in his mind, for the first time in so many years, he is doing conscious effort of being responsible and thats actually making him try too many things

Trying to do justice with his work, trying to be good with even those who don't matter, trying to be ultra helpful and totally selfless, a sharp transformation from irresponsible, playful happy-go-lucky and indifferent guy of earlier days. Only problem is this new transformed image of his actually wants results, This guy wants credit for his work, he wants people to be empathetic towards him. He wants them to understand that watsoever there is no hidden intentions involved and when none of this actually happens he feels disillusioned. He feels frustrated in being good. Some years back, noone disliked him, noone judged him, noone tried to look for objective in his behavior, he was harmless, he is still, but with added connotations. 

It seems some kind of balance is required between being good & responsible and being irresponsible and indifferent, how about being responsible & indifferent??

Will he be able to achieve this balance?? 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sales Pitch

When i was at b-school, people were crazy for i-banks and consults, ofcourse that was before global meltdown. 

At IIMI there were 30 odd people out of 180 who opted for marketing over finance in our batch. Where they landed up during placements is totally different story, but even among those 30, most of the people dreamt about getting into branding and marketing kind of roles. 

Sales profiles were seen as only a route to land up into marketing as most of corporates still feels that sales exposure help in buildup to branding kind of activities. People use to hate those organizations who use to offer sales profile without any assurance of getting into brand management unless they offered 12.5+3 kinda package, uss package pe toh even finance guy opted for sales (anyway lets not digress). 

Six months into FMCG system made me realize that sales actually can be lucrative, Initially it gives you a temporary respect (from all the sales officers, distributors et al) which is such a feel good factor for a fresh MBA (ego massage), frequent movement from one location to another is actually great for someone who is unmarried, unsettled, irresponsible and wild freak (for information sake i'll be soon moving to Jaipur, so any jaipuria landing in this blog, Hi!!, Totla you listening??)

During your trainee stint most of the time its a temporary set up, where less is expected but much can be delivered. Most of the time this scenario results in much higher job satisfaction during initial months, and finally all the luxeries associated are incomparable to any other profile. An added advantage is that, it is easy to make people understand your work.

In b-schools perceptions about job profile get build around very weak understandings and most of the time around packages, this year with economy hitting hard people have to make more informed choices, going with herds may not be a right strategy this time (it never was), Waiting for desired job profile without getting bogged down by other offers around should be the way to handle tough situation.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Random Story 1 - He was watching 1st hour of test match between two international side, also getting ready for office, suddenly players decided to take drinks break, sports channel decided to take commercial break, he decided to browse through channels. In one of those channel most entertaining movie ever made in bollywood was coming, in which a useless underdog kind of person wins cycle race in the end.He reached for work 2 hours late

Random Story 2 - They say everyone is protagonist in their own life story, perhaps he is the biggest exception to the rule. Unlucky chap is totally a supporting character, you try to make any random story around him, he will always be playing a supporting cast, in which noone will dislike him, no one will be wary of him, everyone will adore him and then everyone will forget him. Everytime he tried to take up a lead role someone edited his role to fit other lead characters. Perhaps his story was written after everyone else's

Random Story 3 - The only motto of his life was to maaro a chill, his entire circle consisted of fikar not bindaas type people. Everyone moved on in their life becoming more and more responsible including him. He stopped, looked around, wondered where is everyone, checked himself again, satisfied, moved on. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update on current happenings (additional feature - Random Story)

What is the best thing about 2nd year of IIM??

The very fact that its 2nd (last) year of MBA, life these days becomes so chilled out that you wake up the whole night so that you can have early morning drive for poha and tea at 6:00 AM (Mind you not for assignments or work, but just for poha and chai). Ofcourse, the occassional huge assignments and presentations always remains there.

The way people have started discussing about the job profile and sectors that sucks for the job, these days, makes me feel that placements are right at the corner. Perhaps this is because of the summer experiences of people. Infact everyone is having unanimous opinion on which is the coolest sector to work?? No prizes for guessing the sector ;)

Campus Updates - New PGP-1 has arrived and we have been promoted to PGP-2. Trying to rope the fachhas in IIMI traditions. I found the new batch to be a lot sincere. They are doing the assigned jobs pretty well. I won't comment, whether the average beauty of the world outside IIMI has increased or decreased.

Random Story - A guy was sleeping on his room, their wasn't any lecture for him that day. He planned his day in a way, so that he could sleep through whole of the afternoon, oblivious of the plans of his batchmates.

Someone knocked at his door. He gets up, irritated and disgusted he opens the door. An unknown person was standing outside. The person was new admit to the institute, he handed him a piece of paper that looked like analysis of some industry. He told the guy that he is suppose to hand his analysis to him. the guy took the paper and went back to his sleep.

Someone knocked him again. Another fachha was there with same type of analysis. the whole thing continued few more times. The guy left his room and went to his friend's room for the sleep.

End of Random Story

End of Post

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Random Stories

A guy was walking down the street, he had to cross the road, the jam on his side and the free-flowing traffic on the other wasn't allowing him to do that. He looked at the watch its 9:15 AM, already he was late by 45 minutes to office. None of the autowaala was ready to take him to the circle from where he will get the bus to the office, due to heavy traffic.He called his guide teling him that he is stuck and will get late further. His guide said he is not in the town and so there won't be any meeting for the day. The happy guy went back to his room to complete his sleep.

End of Story 1

A guy was sitting in his cubical, someone buzzed him ( a girl), she asked him whether he would like to join them for the trip to nearest hill station, he agreed hesistently. He went on to see hills and different kind of views of sky from the terrains, He enjoyed the scenery, the long drive. In the end the place, the scenery, the drive didn't mattered. The new friendship did.

End of story 2

A guy was wondering what to do with his project, so many things to analyze, so many businesses to look at, so not focus his mind was on the project, so not clear the definition of his project, so not present his guide was. Another of his new friend buzzed him "I don't know what to do with my project, my guide is not here, project definition is also not clear, i am getting bored, let's leave". They left the office 3 hours early.

End of story 3

To be contd....